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Varied reasons are applicable when you look forward to an opportunity to immigrate to the US. Education, Quality of life, Infrastructure, Amenities, Community, Family and other motives attracts Indians to migrate to the US. For decades, the US is dream country to migrate and settle and now, this opportunity is extended to many aspirant looking to stay in the US.

EB 5 India is one of the pioneers in the services of EB-5 Visa investment and immigration process. As an extended arm of My Florida Regional Center, Creative Choice Group, EB 5 India is responsible for all the management and detailing of EB-5 Visa in India. Projects associated with EB-5 Visa includes Amrit Ocean Resorts and Residences, located at Singer Island, Florida. Amrit offers a distinctive advantage of its unique location combined with enhanced lifestyle experiences and luxury living. Learn More about Amrit Ocean Resorts and Residences.

What we do

CCG Logo founded in 1984, is in the business of developing multifaceted commercial and residential properties for over 33 years. The group specializes in real estate investment and development. Its capabilities are broad and having been applied to an array of real estate developments including townships, office buildings, clubs, hotels, high-end condominiums, workforce housing, corporate headquarters, landmark properties, multi-use urban complexes, suburban IT & business parks and lifestyle properties. The company has been awarded and recognized globally for delivering projects per commitment.

Partnering with Etech

Etech Global Services is a customer acquisition specialists, providing services to a variety of in verticals including: telecommunications, financial, education, hospitality, advertising and retail. Etech has been an acquisition solutions provider for top Fortune 100 companies for over 15 years and has acquired over 100,000 customers for many global brands. Etech’s has been in India for over 15 years with its offices in Gujarat.

My Florida Regional Center, an authorized regional center for EB-5 Visa investment and immigration services and Creative Choice Group, developers of the project Amrit Ocean Resort and Residences, have partnered with Etech to identify those EB-5 Investor prospects willing to explore the opportunity to immigrate to the US under EB-5 Visa program. Etech provides all the requisite support services to EB-5 India for the EB-5 Visa application process. Etech’s business representative will help and guide you through the entire process of EB-5 Visa application and procedures. Etech assures you with transparency of all the details involved and required for EB-5 Visa.

Etech Global Services - EB 5 India

What is EB-5 Visa

With an intention to encourage foreign investment and economic growth, the EB-5 Visa, or also popularly EB-5 Immigrant Investor Visa Program, was created in 1990. This program is a win-win situation for all those involved in this process. EB-5 Visa allows foreign investor an opportunity to get green card through the secured legal process by investing in any of the US business registered under this program, and in turn this business will create employment opportunities for Americans. The jobs created for resident Americans and the incoming foreign investment, benefits the economy.

Indian nationals and their spouses and unmarried children under the age of 21 years are eligible to obtain the US green card by investing a minimum of US $500,000 into a new commercial enterprise.

EB-5 Visa is one of the secured legal process to immigrate to the US.



Founded in 1984, the Creative Choice Group employs 3,500 professionals and manages investments in a multitude of commercial and mixed-use real estate.


Developed over 40 properties, including over 7,000 residential units, office, retail, and mixed-use, totaling 20 million square feet.

Global Presence

Fully operation centers in The US, China, India and Caribbean

For the best and authentic way to get Green Card for your family, work with an experienced team like My Florida Regional Center, Creative Choice Group.

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