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How to promote EB5 in India

Promoting the EB5 immigrant visa opportunity to investors in India has become very popular, and marketing in the country has become so widespread that best practices have emerged to make it easy for firms looking to bring EB5 investors together to find ways to reach their potential audience. If you are currently trying to find more EB5 prospects in India for your firm or regional center, you need to read on to learn about the most successful forms of EB5 visa marketing from the last 10 years.

Background on EB5 Growth in India

Since 2005, EB5 immigration to the United States from India has grown 30 fold. That has paralleled a sharp upturn in regional center growth in the United States, too. In 2008, there were just 27 regional centers helping EB5 investors in India. Today, there are 325, providing diverse opportunities in many different U.S. communities. The growth of available regional centers has ensured that plenty of opportunities are available to fulfill the demand for EB5 visas.

Digital Marketing for EB5 Prospects in India

If you are looking to stand out from this crowded marketplace to find the best EB5 investors to help fuel your projects, then you will want to reach out with digital marketing. Like in the United States, the Indian citizens with the resources and reach to invest heavily in projects that are large enough to meet EB5 requirements will also be the ones who get a large amount of their information from the web. These tech-savvy users will want real information about how the program works, and they will need it to be delivered in a way that is easy for them to find.

If you are looking to find these prospects, your EB5 visa marketing needs to provide for those needs, capturing search traffic and delivering prospective applicants the information they need to make a great decision. That is accomplished through few measures:

  • Content marketing to create the informational resources you need to be able to help clients
  • Search engine optimization to find keywords that will help you be more visible and integrate them into your content
  • Social media marketing to let the world know when you have new content available
  • Responsive branding so you stand out from the other sources of information available

When you bring these elements together, it is much easier to find the audience you want to reach. Targeting that audience is a matter of knowing what kinds of projects you can offer the investors opportunities to participate in and then targeting your information to those investors.

Fulfill Your Audience’s Needs

When people want to use the EB5 process to immigrate to the United States, they will need investment opportunities and immigration lawyers both. Regardless of which niche your operation fulfills, being ready to meet the needs of your clients by offering solid referrals to those other resources means being able to deliver the service that will set you apart, convincing prospective EB5 applicants to work with your operation so they can have a smooth transition to living in the United States.

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