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What are EB5 Visa Requirements

If you are interested in immigrating to the United States as an investor and entrepreneur, you need to understand the ins and outs of the EB5 visa program. This program was modeled on the successful investor visa programs instituted in other industrialized nations, and it allows for permanent residency visas for any foreign investor who invests a certain amount in a commercial enterprise that creates or preserves jobs in the United States.

How Much to Invest

These investments need to be in excess of $500,000 in most places, but some locations require you to be able to invest $1,000,000 in order to qualify. That is designed to ensure that the investor has the ability to make a substantial investment commercially that will have a substantial impact on the local jobs available.

Those jobs have to be demonstrably created by the investment, so that means the investment needs to generate them before the visa application or there needs to be an attached business plan that demonstrates the investment will fulfill the EB5 investor requirements.

Regional Centers to Facilitate Investment

As part of the initial program establishment in 1992, the United States government provided for the creation of EB5 regional centers. The purpose of these centers was to make it easier for investors to find commercial ventures that would fulfill the job creation and preservation requirements. These centers bring together ventures in need of investment with foreign investors looking to fulfill the visa, and they have the ability to set up multiple investor panels to facilitate the needs of companies looking for deep investment and enrichment.

The companies that are brought together through regional centers tend to be companies that will substantially improve the area, including development and construction companies and those that help provide essential services contracted from the government. The advantages of EB5 regional center investment are plentiful, but in addition to the ease of investment the other major advantage is the ability to count induced and indirect jobs to the investor’s benefit. That means that jobs created by the capital’s effect on the business positively does not have to lead to the direct and immediate creation of the jobs for them to count.

Changes in the Market

There are currently 325 approved regional centers in the United States to help investors fulfill their EB5 immigrant investor requirements. To appreciate what a profound success they are, one has to appreciate the rate at which the program has developed.

  • Only 27 such centers operated in 2008
  • Regional centers can pool the investors’ funds so long as 10 jobs per investor are created
  • Regional centers can also operate multiple EB5 projects simultaneously

If you are looking to take advantage of the EB5 immigrant investor visa, getting involved with a regional center is your best opportunity to get the investment results you need quickly and without worry. That’s because they are able to pool investments and assess project opportunities in ways that a single investor might not be able to achieve. Consider the opportunities presented by regional centers if you are looking to fulfill your investor requirements with ease.

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